Statistics & Analytics

Statistics & Analytics

Statistics & Analytics
Website hosting companies typically provide their customers with website traffic monitoring tools as a part of their hosting services. Traffic reports can help website owners determine where their site traffic originates, which keywords bring in traffic, which pages visitors view the most, how frequently the site is visited, and a multitude of other basic traffic facts.

Statistics and analytics provide a wealth of detailed information to us as web developers. Awareness of traffic to your site, activity within the site, and how search engines see your site helps us determine how to better optimize your site. It might take 2-3 months after a site is first posted to build up a reasonable amount of information to work with. But, once we reach this threshold, we can make tweaks to your site to help keep your visitors coming back, staying longer and finding the pages you want them to find.

Server Statistics
One of the most commonly used web analytic tools today, its’ reports include hits, visits, referrers, countries, entry pages, exit pages, errors, search strings, and the amount of data downloaded. These statistics can be viewed by different time frames, such as per day, hour, or month. Server statistic analyze traffic at the server giving us basic information about activity to your site.

XML Site Maps
We provide setup and monitoring of Google Sitemaps as part of our website monitoring tools. Sitemaps can show us a search engine view of your site, help us diagnose problems, and allows us to share info with search engines to help improve your site’s visibility.

Google has been the leader in providing this tool for webmasters but in late 2006 the sitemaps protocol was standardized and made available for any search engine to use. The webmaster resources are now located at MSN and Yahoo have both committed to using sitemaps in the future because of the ease of communication it provides between search engines and webmasters.

In 2006 Google started offering analytics tools for free. Traditionally, analytics packages cost hundreds of dollars per month just for access. Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site.

We offer set up, monitoring and basic analytics consulting for you. Depending on how much you want to get out of analysis of your visitors activity we can help you understand how traffic is driven to your site and how to make improvements.

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