Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a conversation, supported by online tools such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, flickr, twitter and many many more.
For brands looking to venture into the realm of advertising on social platforms like:

Working with a specialist agency will help you to negotiate the minefield and deliver value for money.

For example, Facebook’s self-service ad purchasing system can prove cumbersome if you want to test multiple creative options and refine the campaigns around the ads that perform best. Working with DACH Digital’s experts targeting and placement service helps you maximise the reach and longevity of your budget. Key features of our service include:

– Bidding Strategies, saving you between 50%-90% on traditional Facebook adverting spend.
– The ability to create and upload thousands of variations of an ad in minutes.
– Deeper statistical insights than those available via general social media ad purchasing system.
– Conversion tracking and access to a real-time ad management dashboard.
– Niche targeting capabilities and use of a complex algorithm to eliminate campaign fatigue.
– And a varied cost structure

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